Din ki roshni mein rizq talash karo aur Raat ki tareeki mein usse talash karo jo tumhein rizq deta hai
Hazrat Ali(AS)
About S.E.W.S
The Sarosh Educational and Welfare Society, Aurangabad, formed in 1992, is a registered public trust for promotion of quality education among economically, educationally and socially weaker sections of the society, particularly the minorities.

The Society manages several schools & a junior college. The number of institutions, by the Grace of ALLAH and munificence of our patrons and well wishers have now risen to fourteen. These institutions provide education and training in pre-school, primary, secondary and higher secondary . The strength of the students exceeds 4000.

The management is of the view that education of girls is of paramount importance for the development and prosperity of the society. The girls, given opportunity are responding very well, scoring good marks in the examinations as well as making a mark in sports athletics and other curricular activities.

The society is fortunate in having a large campus in Talimabad, Mitmita, Aurangabad comprising 8 acres of land.